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            Our MA Home Inspection Services provide a MA Licensed Home Inspector for Massachusetts (MA), New Hampshire (NH), and Rhode Island (RI).

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The Assurance Advantage:  A level of service unmatched in the property inspection industry.

  • Thermal Imaging - Provide thermal image scanning as part of the property inspection Click Here to learn how thermal imaging enables the most thorough and detailed evaluation possible. If the inspector your thinking of hiring doesn't have the ability to use thermal imaging then they can't even scratch the surface of the property your investing your life's savings in.

  • Professional Office Staff available to assist with scheduling, answer questions, or help with other needs. Call us during our office hours and actually talk to a knowledgeable professional!

  • Electronic Property Inspection Reports - Delivered at the completion of the inspection on CDROM. Our Property Inspection Reports average more than 20 pages of useful and concise information on your property.

  • Water and Radon Testing. High Quality with Reliable Results

  • Certified Pest Inspections - Assurance Home Inspection Corp is certified by NEMPA to perform Wood Destroying Insect and Wood Destroying Organism Inspections.



About your property report and what sets Assurance apart from the competition


Some "High End" Home Inspectors take digital photos and paste them in their property reports.


While pictures can say a thousands words (and may also "dress up" the report); Digital pictures of problems found in a home inspection (like the one below) will only show you what is obvious.

Do you think having pictures of obvious problems add real value to the report?

Think Again!

Images that add TRUE value are Thermal Images.

Thermal Imaging

Check out the pictures we can take!

Assurance Home Inspection Corp. The leader in providing the highest quality service in the home inspection industry delivers unequaled quality and thoroughness to our clients. We utilize the latest technology allowing you to see EVERYTHING there is to see in your house.  Look at the pictures below and you can easily spot the hidden problems only thermal imaging equipment can reveal.

In the picture above you can see where insulation is missing in a cathedral ceiling. The human eye would never see this!

Here's a leak from a washing machine plumbing pipe that couldn't be seen, but shows up clearly on a thermal camera.

Would information like this be important?


These pictures are not gimmicks or a frivolous technology. Thermal imaging equipment is a highly advanced technology that has been developed by the military for use in advanced weapons systems. This technology has been beyond the reach of industry usage until now. These cameras are still very expensive, but considered by Assurance essential to provide the most thorough evaluation possible. With thermal imaging we can spot moisture leaks, poor insulation, faulty roofs, hidden mold conditions, faulty electrical circuits and perform comprehensive energy audits to help you determine how to get the most out of your heating and cooling systems. If you have questions or concerns that you think thermal imaging would help you to resolve, please call us for more information.

Make sure the inspector you hire has thermal imaging equipment. If they don't then they can't even scratch the surface!

Our report sets us apart !

   Sample Report

Assurance is so sure our prices represent the best value, we proudly publish them for you to see and compare easily.

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Why Assurance Home Inspection?

A great question! The answer is simple.

A home represents one of the largest investments most people ever make. That is why you want a home inspection performed by a licensed professional. A properly conducted licensed home inspection will help you be able to plan financially and avoid expensive surprises, like a leaky roof, unstable foundation, outdated/deteriorating plumbing or faulty electrical systems. 

Additionally, we help homeowners understand proper maintenance and care for the property. We provide you with a clear and easy-to-read inspection report, developed by our proprietary reporting system that allows us to present a completed report to you, on-site and on CD-ROM!

Don't waste time waiting for your inspection report to be delivered, or be confused when trying to read scribbled notes by another inspector. You need complete and clear information in the fastest time possible to make the best decision. Assurance Home Inspection understands this, and that is why we take great pride in our commitment to bring you this level of home inspection service.

When you need a home inspection in MA, NH or RI, go ahead and compare, but you won't find another home inspection business offering this level of service at these great prices anywhere!

Best Regards!

Vince Kotlarz - President, MA Licensed Home Inspector, performing property and home inspection services in Massachusetts (MA), New Hampshire (NH), and Rhode Island (RI).


Home inspection services provided by a MA licensed home inspector for Massachusetts (MA), New Hampshire (NH), and Rhode Island (RI)


Home View offers free home tips from our MA home inspector.

How to control mold-growth in your home.
Use the right lubricant for the job.
Oil or Natural Gas? Which cost more to heat your home?

- Never take for granted the blessings and gifts we have in abundance!

Support your community through contribution or volunteering! Assurance Home Inspection Corporation of MA is a proud supporter of the Pan - Mass Challenge and John Andrew Mazie Memorial Foundation for since 2002.

This is a MA home inspection affiliates.

This is one of our MA home inspection affiliates.


Our MA home inspection provides a MA licensed home inspector.



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    Are you concerned about Environmental Health Issues or uncovering potential Toxic Conditions that may affect the home you are buying?

  Assurance Home Inspection Corp. is EDR certified to provide you with a comprehensive Neighborhood Environmental Report (Click on link for a sample copy of the report)

We will provide you with a report on your property and it's surrounding area and go over the results with you to ensure you understand the information contained in the report and what steps you might need to take.


Read the latest news on EDR Reports:

 EDR Reports are recommended by Wall Sreet Journal and Oprah Winfrey


Myth Buster

Q: Is Assurance the cheapest home inspection company around? 

A: No, this is not a cut-rate, low quality company. However, Assurance offers the best value for your dollar. There are numerous inspectors that charge lower rates than we do. These are mostly novice inspectors, part-time inspectors, check-list inspectors, or inspectors that are poorly equipped for this profession. There are also inspectors that charge a lot more than Assurance. As in any profession you'll find a wide variety of attitudes about quality and value. Some inspectors think their quality is worth a lot more.

The Point Is this:

You want your home buying experience to be smooth, without complications, and you want the best value for your dollar. Assurance wants the same for all of our clients. 




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