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  As a real estate agent or broker, you are engaged in a highly technical field where very little training is offered to develop subject matter expertise of the products you sell. Assurance has committed itself to provide quality education to real-estate professionals to enhance product knowledge of homes and home systems.

In January 2006, Assurance Home Inspection Corp. launched the first series of training courses - The Professional Development Series.  Subjects include Structure, Home Electrical and Wiring, Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Systems, Moisture and Mold. Now we are excited to offer two new courses Vintage Homes and Top 10 Home Inspection Issues.

Gaining expertise could not be easier or more streamlined.  The Professional Development Series builds on the knowledge you already possess as a real estate agent or broker and provides a bridging education between you and the builder/contractor.  This is not a course laden with building code.  However, it is  packed with practical knowledge and experience from all corners of the house building and repair industry.

The Professional Development Series was created with the understanding that time is valuable.  That is why the course is broken into modules that can be attended individually in (normally 1 or 2 hour sessions).  The courses are delivered directly to your office and to suit your schedule requirements.

The Professional Development Series was developed to "World Class" training standards.  These courses are delivered onsite and taught in your conference room, training room, or just about any space suitable for use as a class room.  We can also make arrangement for hosting offsite if that is what you need.  The flexibility is nearly limitless.

Now for the really great news - the price.  You can easily imagine the thousands of dollars it would take to pull together a series of courses taught by engineers, builders, contractors, electricians. plumbers, roofers, etc. to give you the overviews and insights that are delivered in the Professional Development Series.  You can also equate the value this knowledge will add to your expertise as a real estate agent or broker.  On average, training courses cost more than $50 per hour - per student.  As we've already said, our course is free. It's our desire to build strategic partnerships with top agents in the NE market. We wish to be considered a valued resource for all of your technical needs.

Call our registrar today to reserve a time for training at 866-466-3840.


Course Descriptions:

Antique Homes, A Walk-Trough of Vintage Homes in New England

New England is the Mecca for Historic and Antique properties in the US. Understanding the history and make-up of these unique properties will enhance your skills in assisting both the novice home buyer looking for an old "fixer-upper" and the savvy buyer looking to make an investment in a  historic property. Learn the key concepts to understand when evaluating older homes.   2 hours

Top 10 Home Inspection Issues, and how to resolve them

Every home has issues, or so the saying goes. We'll take a realistic look at common issues that are sometimes difficult to address. We'll share our expertise of collective knowledge, and look at newer trends in home repairs. 1-2 hours

Home Structure (Not currently offered)

This is a 2 to 3 Hour course covering all the structural elements of residential contruction. From Roofs to the foundations, Wall to Floors. This is a technical overview of construction techniques and materials.

Home Electric and Wiring (Not currently offered)

This is a 1 to 2 hour course aimed at fundamental principals of home electrical systems, wiring, and safety. Understand how electricity is created and used in the residential community.

Plumbing Systems (Not currently offered)

From private wells to public waste treatment systems. Water use and waste is covered in this comprehensive 1- 2 hour presentation.

Heating Venting and Air Conditioning (Not currently offered)

Oil, Gas, Electric, supplemental heating systems, boilers, furnaces, heat pumps and central AC systems. A broad look at the myriad of newer and older home heating and cooling systems are addressed in this 2 hours.

This Mold House (Not currently offered)

Excessive moisture is one of the most damaging and misunderstood issues in the residential home. In this brief but informative course we'll discuss responsible approaches to home moisture problems. 1 hour.


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