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General Information about Title V

What is the difference between a cesspool and a septic system?

A cesspool generally consists of a pipe, running form a building, which empties into a single component pit. This arrangement does not allow proper detention of solids or proper distribution of effluent. As a result, effluent overloads the capacity of the soil to remove harmful bacteria and viruses, to remove phosphorous, and to convert ammonia. A conventional system, on the other hand is comprised of a building sewer (a septic tank where solids can settle and both the solids and effluent begin to degrade), distribution lines, which prevent effluent from overloading the soil, a soil absorption system, which further treats the effluent by removing harmful bacteria, viruses, phosphorous, and nitrogen, and a reserve area.

Who conducts a system inspection?

Massachusetts Registered Professional Engineers with a concentration in civil, sanitary or environmental engineering, Massachusetts Registered Sanitarians and Certified Health Officers may perform system inspections. Additionally, board of health members and agents, professional home inspectors, licensed septage haulers, system installers, Engineers in Training (EIT certified with a concentration in civil, sanitary or environmental engineering) and persons with at least one year of experience in system inspection all may conduct inspections, provided that they have attended appropriate training and passed a MassDEP inspectors' exam. To find Title 5 system inspectors and/or soil evaluators, see our Title 5 certified inspector lists or contact the Regional Service Center to have one mailed to you.


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